Faithful God, ready to help and love us through the journey of life
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In our walk with Christ, we often encounter various facets of His love, each unveiling a unique perspective on His commitment to us. Today, we embark on a journey to unravel the depths of God’s faithful love—particularly in sickness and health.

Will You Clasp My Hand? A Promise of Fidelity

As believers, the image of Christ’s outstretched hand on the cross is like a powerful symbol of His invitation to journey through life together. Yet, do we truly comprehend the extent of God’s commitment to us?

In moments of despair or loneliness, we may forget that He is ever ready to hold our right hand and say, “Do not fear, I will help you” (Isaiah 41:13). Let’s explore the transformative power of acknowledging and accepting God’s unwavering support in our lives.

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Embracing God’s Faithful Support

“For I am the Lord your God,
who holds your right hand,
who says to you, “Do not fear,
I will help you.”_Isaiah 41:13

The journey of life is different for everyone. God has created each person to have a certain destiny to live. Although you can find that some things are similar to other people, each story is still unique.

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Furthermore, for some people, the journey may be tougher than for others. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not that we won’t all face challenges on the way to fulfilling our destiny. However, it will determine the level of challenges we may need to face according to the life purpose God gives.

As we draw parallels between Jonah’s reluctant journey and the challenges faced by the Israelites, let’s embark on a reflection. This reflection will cater to those well-versed in biblical narratives and those beginning their spiritual journey.

For those familiar with the story of Jonah, let’s revisit the profound lessons encapsulated in his attempt to evade God’s calling. Jonah’s resistance mirrors moments in our lives when we too may try to escape our divine purpose. It serves as a reminder that even in our reluctance God’s unwavering love persists.


For those less acquainted with the narrative here’s a brief overview. Jonah, a prophet, sought to evade God’s directive to deliver a message of repentance to the people of Nineveh, who were enemies of his nation, Israel.

On the other hand, the Israelites, despite God’s continuous love faced challenges maintaining a faithful relationship with Him leading to consequences recounted in the book of Exodus.

The comparison encourages us to reflect on our responses to God’s call, acknowledging the universal struggle of aligning our will with His. By exploring these stories with depth and accessibility, we can glean insights that resonate with believers at every stage of their spiritual journey.

Whether you’ve walked with the Scriptures for years or are just beginning to explore its teachings, let’s journey together in understanding the complexities of our relationship with God.

In recognizing these aspects, let’s encourage ourselves not to compare or envy others’ journeys. Instead, embrace our unique calling and resist the temptation to run from God’s purpose for our lives.

Despite our moments of turning away from God, His love remains unwavering. It’s essential, though, to approach our relationship with God with respect and sincerity. While I’m not advocating for testing God, remember that His love is steadfast. However, He cannot be mocked and won’t impose His will on anyone.

Trusting God’s Faithful Equipping

A faithful servant/warrior of God

God did not only assign Jonah to do the work but also walked with him through it all and accorded him success. It may have not been what Jonah was expecting in his human understanding. However, in God’s understanding, it was EXACTLY how the completion was meant to be. This means that He did what God was expecting of Him.

I want us truly to download this within us. When God chooses you, and calls you, know that He has already equipped you for everything to come and is confident you won’t fail. However, in God’s understanding, it can only be done with Him in the picture, not on your own.

“Make your ways known to me, Lord;
teach me your paths.
Guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are the God of my salvation;
I wait for you all day long.”_ Psalms 25:4-5

God does not want you to do life alone! He never intended for it to be that way in the first place!! Rather, He wants you to allow Him to lead you in every detail of life.

Furthermore, I want to acknowledge that the flesh is constantly trying to have power over us and know that God knows this, too. So, yes, there may be moments when we get it wrong or it seems extremely hard to flow with God’s ways.

Hence, I must remind you of the Helper God has given us—the Holy Spirit. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged or ashamed about your weaknesses, rather, permit the Spirit of God to rescue you. Which, by the way, He is eagerly waiting and willing to do.

“The Spirit versus the Flesh

16 I say, then, walk by the Spirit and you will certainly not carry out the desire of the flesh.”_ Galatians 5:16 

Forever Yours: A Faithful Commitment ‘Till Eternity, Baby!!

Experiencing Divine and Eternal Love

Scripture paints a beautiful picture of Christ as the groom and the Church as His bride, symbolizing an eternal commitment that transcends time. I want to link this to the book of Hosea. Despite Hosea’s wife committing adultery, he continued to love her per the Lord’s instructions.

Which vividly portrays God’s enduring love toward us despite our unfaithfulness to Him. His love persists through all seasons.

At times we can find ourselves feeling as if, our weaknesses and mistakes will chase God away from us. Having a mindset like this, “Well, right now You are very invested in me. Yet soon you will leave too, leave me when you notice how much of a burden I am.”

Unfortunately, this language/mindset has become part of some. May it be the lack of commitment we see people show one another, how they can easily give up on one another the moment the imperfections show, and the betrayal people can easily commit.

In no way are we condoning toxicity. However, we should note that not doing so, does not mean we allow ourselves to fall away from God’s agape love. From being people that reflect God’s agape love.

When we have a misconception about how loving unconditionally is, we allow ourselves to fall into the trap of hatred, rejecting others, or putting ourselves in harm’s way.

Navigating Weaknesses with Agape Love

Recognize that God embodies perfect love, loving Himself immensely. He sets healthy boundaries, showcasing that it’s possible to establish godly limits without compromising agape love.

Moreover, I want us to comprehend that this is how God loves us. No matter how ‘far gone or damaged’ we or others may think we are, God’s love for us will never fail. It will never run dry.

Sickness Beyond Illness

Depiction of God's faithful love towards us

Overcoming Spiritual Sickness with Faithful Love

Sickness isn’t limited to physical ailments; it extends to moments when we distance ourselves from God or act in ways contrary to His will.

Explore the idea of spiritual sickness—doubt, disobedience, or complacency—and discover how God’s faithful love persists even in our moments of waywardness.

Take a moment to reflect on your spiritual health and consider ways to deepen your connection with God. As mentioned earlier, all of us, as humans, have weaknesses.

However, it is up to us to decide not to glorify our weaknesses more than God. What do I mean by that?

Acknowledging God’s Greatness and Transformation

Instead of focusing so much on our weaknesses our mindset should be that we do indeed acknowledge it but also know and understand that God is greater than it all and will always remain greater.

This mindset allows us to see and comprehend God better. It opens us to the perspective of who God truly is. The God who faithfully loves. So He is not expecting us to put up a façade before Him. This isn’t possible either way, since God already sees and knows everything (Matthew 6:26-30, 1 John 3:20 & John 1:14).

What God is expecting is for us to come to Him as we are, He will clean, refine, and transform us into who He initially intended us to be (Isaiah 48:10 & 1 John1:7-9).

Even if we sometimes feel unmotivated to go through the process, He will patiently wait and encourage us not to give up until we reach the end.

Addressing Our Pride & Insecurities

Praying to the faithful God

Transforming Relationship Through Humility

Pride and insecurities can be stumbling blocks in our relationship with God. Dive into the scriptures and stories that reveal the transformative power of humility and vulnerability before God.

Gain insights into overcoming pride and insecurities, fostering a deeper connection that allows God’s faithful love to flourish.

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Often we don’t realize how crucial it is to overcome pride and insecurities. How great of a hindrance it can bring into our lives and most importantly our relationship with God.

It’s great to desire to be close to God, but if we do not exercise humility it will never be fully possible to enjoy the precious relationship God plans to build and have with us.

This leads me to the story of King Saul. King Saul’s life, marked by wisdom and folly, offers us a profound canvas for reflection.

Let’s journey into the nuances of his choices with a thoughtful mindset, seeking insights that resonate with our struggles.

Examining his missteps can uncover valuable lessons that guide our growth journey.

Despite him being who God had chosen and even knowing God to an extent. Due to him not being careful about getting rid of his impatience, disobedience, pride, and insecurities.

He continuously defied God which not only led to being dethroned as king but also losing God’s favor upon his life. God even allowed his enemies to overcome him and unfortunately, King Saul’s story ended with him taking his own life.

Sadly, we read such stories in the Word of God and do not understand the gravity of following such principles. We may view them as stories that happened in the past and do not apply in the present.

Therefore, we must conduct a truthful examination of ourselves. As stated in 1 Corinthians 13:5,

Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith. Examine yourselves. Or do you yourselves not recognize that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless you fail the test.”

Doing so helps us to be in the right standing with God and learn to love Him as He sees right.

As we conclude our exploration into the depths of God’s faithful love, let’s carry with us a profound understanding of His unwavering commitment.

This journey through the intricacies of our relationship with Christ invites us to embrace and fully trust His love, acknowledging that His commitment remains steadfast in all circumstances.

Reflecting on your journey with Christ, remember that God invites us to come as we are, flaws and all. He undertakes the work of cleaning, refining, and transforming us into the individuals He initially intended us to be. Even in moments of doubt or weakness, He patiently waits and encourages us to press on until we reach the last stop.

May this understanding heighten your spiritual reflections and guide your actions. Carry the torch of God’s faithful love into your interactions, relationships, and every facet of life.

Let this knowledge be a beacon of hope. A source of strength, and a reminder that, in God’s love, we find a sanctuary that transcends time and circumstance.

May the unwavering love of Christ be your constant companion as you navigate the complexities of life. May it guide you through every trial and rejoice in every triumph.

Embrace His faithful love, for it is a beacon that shines eternally, lighting the path toward a deeper, more meaningful connection with the One who loves you beyond measure.

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