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‘Life’s A Wonder’ is a blog that aims to be that good friend that sharpens you like iron. Diving into the beauty and grits of life, whilst trying to help you see life in a hopeful and charming perspective. Ensuring to acknowledge the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical impact it can have, may it be good or bad. Welcome to the roller-coaster called life. I hope we all make it out alive!
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As a devoted follower of Christ, I have discovered a profound love and admiration for the beauty of the Lord that grows stronger with each passing day. Furthermore, the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that God has presented to me have transformed my life in ways that I cannot keep to myself. That’s why I created this blog – to share with anyone willing to receive the valuable insights that God has blessed me with.


Despite the challenges that we may face in life, it’s never too late to learn how God intends life to be. No matter how rough our past or present situations may be. Above all God is always ready to hold our hands. He desires to guide us towards a prosperous life, just as promised in Joshua 1:8.


As a Christian blogger, first thing to remember is that I will make biblical references to remind us that we should not depend solely on our own wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Furthermore, through this blog, I aim to inspire and encourage those who are ready to take the next step towards a fulfilling life with Christ. For sooner or later, we will testify of God’s faithfulness and goodness towards us. 


In light of this, I am grateful for each person who chooses to follow this blog. I am excited about the journey that lies ahead of us —a wonder. Let us all learn to love, trust and have faith in God, no matter what life throws our way. Together, let us stand firm in our faith so that one day, we may hear the Lord Jesus say, “You stood firm in your faith in Me and I crown you.” (Revelation 22:12)


Therefore, I invite you to join me on this journey, and may God bless us all.


In conclusion, A Wonder Unveiled —ENJOY THE RIDE!


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