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Navigating life God’s way is what ‘Life’s A Wonder’ is all about!


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! This blog aims to be that good friend that sharpens you like iron. Diving into the beauty and grits of life, whilst trying to help you see life in a hopeful and charming perspective.


Navigating life can come with loads of emotions. So ensuring to acknowledge the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical impact it can have, may it be good or bad is very important.


Welcome to the roller-coaster called life. I hope we all make it out alive!


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I am a believer in Christ who falls deeply in love the more with the beauty of the Lord every passing day. His wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and all other aspects He presents to us are just so majestic and life-changing. Therefore, I do not want and do not plan to keep it all to myself. 


Moreover, although I am still navigating through life myself, as many of us may be, through this blog, I aim to share with anyone ready to receive the wise advice that God has availed to me. Hoping that it encourages and helps one. It is my firm belief that it is never too late to learn how God intends life to be.


No matter how bad our past may be or the current situations we may be living in. For, God (Abba Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit) is ready to hold our hand to guide us and teach us His ways to live a successful and prosperous life, as promised in Joshua 1:8.  


Furthermore, being a Christian blogger, I will make many references to biblical scriptures. For we are not to depend and trust in our own wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.


Lastly, I am truly appreciative of every single person who is willing to follow this blog and I am super excited about the unfolding of all God has in store for each of us.


I pray that we all learn to love, trust, and be faithful to God as we go through this journey called life, despite its ups and downs. That one day, the Lord Jesus may say to us, “You stood firm in your faith in Me and I crown you.” (Revelation 22:12)


Enjoy the ride & God bless!


Navigating through life with God's Word