Kid food time

Do y’all mix up your lunches for your littles or just give them the same thing every day? Now I’m not one that will do shapes and cute bento box like lunches. But I do love to mix it up for them. No one likes to eat the same thing over and over every day and that includes children.

I do not know about other families, but my children eat like twenty times a day. Ok, exaggerating but they will eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner and finally dessert. In that order so I prefer to switch it up for them each week.

I plan out breakfast, snacks, lunches, and dinners every Sunday. I do not think of it as a job because I actually enjoy making new menus for each week and only plan a week at a time. I prefer using a list with categories and designed one for myself that I prefer using. I recently put it on my Etsy account and will link it if you are interested in buying or even creating your own.

Breakfast is normally the same through the week and on weekends we switch it up. My husband and I will normally cook or order breakfast burritos in the am from our local burrito shops. When we cook on the weekends it’s; chorizo and egg burritos, chorizo and papa (potatoes), fried eggs with beans- hash brown and tortillas, migas (fried corn tortillas cut into triangles fried in some oil till crispy then eggs thrown in to scramble), sausage-gravy over biscuits, pancakes or waffles. Weekdays the kids prefer different cereals, oatmeal, eggs, or sausage egg and cheese biscuits.

One week we will have sandwiches with a side of chips. It can be PB&J, but I do often switch the jams up for them. We do ham or turkey sandwiches/roll ups for the younger ones. Some other sandwiches they enjoy are; avocado sammys, grilled cheese (throw some ham in it), and fried egg sands (childhood favorite).

What about frozen foods? I am not against frozen for mine. It may not be the most nutritious food but I  always try to make up for it with dinner or their snacks. They love the Totino’s pizza rolls, sometimes hot pockets, chicken poppers, taquitos, and the singles deep dish pizzas.

Ok ramen anyone? We love the ones in the cup or bag with some fresh lime in it. I also like to make them some pasta with parmesan cheese, olive oil, and parsley. Their personal favorite is sopita which is fideo browned in oil then cooked like Mexican rice. It is so good and we prefer the conchas (shells), stars, or letter ones. Kind of like a Mexican SpaghettiOs.

Let’s get to the snacks. This week we are having strawberry, grapes, and pineapples mixed together, and then they can choose yogurt and applesauce for later. When I shop for fruits such as those, I will wash all the fruit and put the pineapples in their own glass container, and then cut the strawberries and grapes and put them together in another glass container. So I’ll normally scoop that on a plate for them as a snack.

Other snacks we like to switch up with are cheese sticks, different types of yogurts, variety of fruits, cubed cheese with crackers and fruits, cookies, fruit chews, fruit roll ups, crackers and spray can cheese, cottage cheese with crackers, Debbie snack cakes, puddings, rolled flour tortillas with butter, a small quesadilla, popsicles, ice creams, apples and caramel/peanut butter, celery with peanut butter, and pretzels. There’s more kind of give you and idea of what mine like.

Dinners are different. I try not to do the same things more than twice a month because we all know it can get old quick. I’m trying something new right now with veggies. Learning to roast them to give us a different flavor and not the same old steamed veggies all the time.

Have some fun throwing stuff together for your family. I know I prefer variety and so I try doing the same for my own babies. So do your thang ladies and have y’all an awesome summer this year serving some not so bland lunches.

Stay smiling beauties.

Co Sleeping

Co sleeping is a either a big no or a non-issue to some.  For us it wasn’t a big deal.  All our children have slept with us until they were like 3 or 4. Then transferred to a toddler bed that was always next to our bed before they started sleeping in their own rooms. Now, I’m not going to tell you what you can and can not do. This is more about what worked for us.

So, we all know the first month with a newborn you aren’t getting nearly enough sleep on top of trying to get your routine down. So co sleeping with a newborn can be done, but please keep in mind the dangers if not done safely. I was always told to not let my husband sleep by my babies because fathers do not have motherly instincts. Honestly, that’s crap because even mothers can end up rolling over on to their babies as well.

At first I always tried using a Pack ‘n Play with a folding bassinet. It worked for a couple of days until it was hard for me to keep my eyes open while nursing. So it ended up being used for naps instead. I would also like to quickly say that we always had a crib for our first 3 but they very rarely got used. It was our bed then straight to a toddler bed.

We ended up just sticking with a Snuggle Nest. Can be a little irritating because you still have to pick baby up to nurse or feed then put them back in. But it was cheap and that’s what we ended up sticking with.

Now if I were to ever get pregnant again I will for sure be buying the Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Bedside Crib. The reviews are 4.8 out of 5 stars. To me that’s pretty darn good when there are over 5,000 reviews. If any of you mommies use/used it let me know. It hooks up to your bed and the wall can be lowered so you can reach baby easily. Which would be perfect for nursing or feeding time.

I do have to say that for me personally I preferred co sleeping. Mainly because our babies grow so fast. I wanted to be always near them and still prefer it that way. I know that one day they won’t be in our house and will have their own families so sharing a bed with my babies was never about being too lazy to put them back into their cribs. It was always about the bond. So do what you feel is best. Co sleep safely or don’t at all. Totally up to you.

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Best Toy Ever


Momma’s get your kids a trampoline. I mean if you want something that’s going to bounce the energy right on out of your child. Invest in one. Life saver for sure, or maybe I should say sanity saving haha. Honestly though, you can do so much on a trampoline.

Their favorite thing has to be this water sprinkler I found on a fluke scrolling through amazon. I had already so many variations of sprinklers, but the net wouldn’t let as much water get through like the one I found.  It’s a water sprinkler that you attach to the top of the net and just tie it around the top. It’s pretty awesome and I sure wish we had one like it when I was younger.

Chalk chalk chalk!! My kids love using chalk on the trampoline. I recently discovered sidewalk chalk paints that came with two packets in each canister, so you get 2 uses out of each one. Now that was in March at a Dollar General store and I haven’t been able to find anymore since then They probably played for an hour with them before wanting to jump. Although I do think that they may have just wanted to roll around in it haha.

Do yall remember playing dodgeball back in elementary?? Ok, so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea yet but I’m gonna do it anyhow. Amazon carries the soft foam dodgeballs and I’m going to get the kids some and see how they take to them. I mean they shouldn’t be able to hit too hard, right?

A camp night on the trampoline would be nice as well for when summer finally gets here. Something different, hopefully before mosquitos start taking over. If you have any tried and true mosquito repellents let me know because my husband and kids get huge welts from mosquito bites.

Get a trampoline. It’s the best outdoors toy I could have ever purchased. Beats a swing set by a mile for my littles.



Give a smile today.


So I’m a momma to 5. Crazy? No, I love being a mom. My youngest is actually 2 and I think I’ve become way more laxed compared to my first 2. Also I should put out there that there are 4 boys and 1 girl. I know, God bless her little soul.

Moms definitely don’t get enough credit. Like we literally hold it all down. We gotta cook, clean, do the dadgum laundry, some of you are also juggling a fulltime job outside of momming, be everything in one. Shoot when companies ask for skills or what your prior employment was, putting “mom” down should be all the confirmation they need to hire you.

Although, I can’t necessarily leave dads hanging when some of them actually come home and help their spouses out. Or when they have no problem being an awesome dad while their wives have some “me time” as I like to call it. You know getting them nails did or whatever you do to pamper yourselves. I could not be the mother I have become without the help of my husband.