Social media for your kids?

The worst thing anyone can do is live in the world of social media. Fake, that is what it is. Hello, filter anyone? Does anyone actually look like their filter on any of their social media pics/videos? Nah, they sure as heck do not!

The idea of my child having any type of social media in this day and age is kinda frightening for me. How can we ensure that our children will grow up with confidence in who they are? That their faith in God will always stay strong in a world of non-believers? I do not want my child growing up living their life on the phone seeking validation from a world that is entirely fake.

I could easily not give them a phone and be done right? No, we know children grow to rebel. So yes, you can keep them protected as long as you can by keeping phones and tablets away, but they will eventually be able to afford one for themselves.  Are we really naïve to believe that they won’t actually just go buy one? So do not keep it from them. Why do we use it?

I myself have always enjoyed using Facebook and Snapchat and rarely used Insta and recently downloaded TikTok. Call me crazy but Facebook can be depressing with all the propaganda news being shared all the time. I find that I share way too much news thinking I’m going to open someone’s eyes to the truth of it all. Nope, doesn’t happen like that. In fact, I believe that with there being so much information out on the net that it’s causing our younger ones to get overloaded and depressed more often than before. They see so much bad because that is all that is shared. That is what scares me for my littles.

Snapchat to me is my favorite, I can share videos of my children and our life with my family. It’s how I keep them in the loop as mine continue to grow. Twitter? Not a chance. As for Insta it wasn’t my favorite. I find if you want to flaunt your lifestyle then Insta is the way to go. I know I wasn’t going to share a picture of my children on my blog and I rarely share pictures of them on my socials. Then there’s Tiktok, now call me crazy but as soon as you start scrolling there goes an hour of your life. It literally sucks your life away and we willingly allow it.

It’s the pedos for me that keep me from sharing their faces. Which is another issue with the whole thing. How much easy access they have to children and teens?  I was on Tiktok and this 15 yr. old girl who was talking about her Tourette syndrome made a separate video to call out a person who was turning her disorder into a fetish and calling it sexy. I was sick to my stomach seeing that. She is a child.

Back to the point at hand, I do not know yet when I will let them have social media. Maybe when they turn 15? Set time limits at home for all of us and remind them constantly to be real. To live life fully, not through the phone, but in reality. To know that they cannot change the whole world by themselves so do not live life depressed because you cannot help every person in the world. Change happens one person at a time so maybe we adults should start to do the same as well. We should limit our own selves and choose to be present.