Outdoor fun

I’m so tired of these overcast skies. I can handle a couple of rainy gray days, but every day. I cannot. I live for the sun. I love the brightness of everything outside. It’s like medicine for the soul. Since January I think we get like a week of beautiful sunshine then BAM here come the ugly gray skies.

I’m one of those people who needs the sun and prefers the sunshine over being inside loving the rain. Sometimes it’s nice but not alllllllllll the time. Come on God give us the sun please!!! If we aren’t outside then that just means extra messy in our house. Anyhow, excuse my ranting I wanted to tell y’all about this cool thing I got back in February.

 I bought an inflatable from Sam’s club. Best thing ever if it were not such a pain to set up but I’ll take that over dealing with a messy home all day everyday. It’s called My First Waterslide Splash and Slide. If you’re going to purchase anything for you or your kids that involve swimming or getting wet, get it early. Always try to go for them when it’s out of season for best savings. Hence me buying back in February.

The kiddos were out on it a day ago. Now I wouldn’t personally be outside getting wet when its 82, windy, and cloudy. Call me crazy but I at least need some sun to keep me somewhat warm. Anyhow, they were out there for a good couple of hours playing on it. Had my 8, 5, 4, and 2 yr. old, as well as my husband playing in it with plenty of space for them to run around in.

Ladies marry yourself a man who has no problem getting down and dirty with kids. One who will go outside and have mud fights, snowball fights, get wet in a child’s inflatable not meant for adults, or willing to still play hide and seek. One who has no problem still playing cars or dolls when their babies ask them to. The most attractive thing about my husband after children is when he’s in daddy mode.

I digress, now if you want a couple of hours of sunbathing with a book and a good drink. Get yourself one. Well get your kids one. Even a little pool or slip and slide to get wet with. Most children love playing in water with toys.

We ended up putting a tarp underneath to keep the dirt and grass buildup minimal. Now it’s a heavy son of a gun so if you have help then use it. The instructions were easy to read and made assembling a breeze, its just getting it unfolded and folded back up that is the pain.

Today I didn’t end up setting it up, had them get wet on the trampoline instead. Don’t want them to get bored doing the same thing every day. So, it will be good for the summer to keep switching back and forth. Speaking of summer, wooooooo hoooo were finally done with school. Been looking forward to this since the second half of school. Cheers to you parents out there finally on summer break. Try not to go to crazy.

Live life and smile my friends.


Patience, God bless you if you have an abundance of it. Share some.

So I’ve learned to listen to my children. They are each so different and have their own way of listening, understanding, voicing, and loving. You really have to pace yourself and listen to their needs. Realizing that has helped me to parent each of my kiddos in a much more healthier way. Now I’m not saying you can’t yell because sometimes you gott full coach on them to make them “hear” you. 

My husband and I have decided to take the approach of listening first then react accordingly. I think it’s important that we acknowledge that our children are small and don’t necessarily know how to process their feelings and then understand that that’s ok. Heck we are grown ourselves and sometimes struggle with our own emotions.

Do you ever notice when your child is mid freak out and nothing you try seems to work? Especially when you yourself are full of frustration and irritation from already dealing with the days work you’ve had to do whether it be from house chores, kids or both and/or working outside of the home. So, there you are all frustrated and ready to blow. Don’t. Just stop and breathe. I have some 

Some things that work for us; either hugging them while speaking softly to them, removing them from the situation whether you’re out in public or in your home. If in public try going to your car or finding a more secluded area. I find holding them and letting them that know when they are ready to calm down then we can go back to whatever it is we were doing usually works. If at home take them outside to run off steam, to their room, or yours and let them cool off on their own or lay them down for nap.

Not all children are the same and I understand that especially when some have disabilities and that can make parenting a little more different. These are just some minor tips I myself have learned over the years with my little ones. 


So I’m a momma to 5. Crazy? No, I love being a mom. My youngest is actually 2 and I think I’ve become way more laxed compared to my first 2. Also I should put out there that there are 4 boys and 1 girl. I know, God bless her little soul.

Moms definitely don’t get enough credit. Like we literally hold it all down. We gotta cook, clean, do the dadgum laundry, some of you are also juggling a fulltime job outside of momming, be everything in one. Shoot when companies ask for skills or what your prior employment was, putting “mom” down should be all the confirmation they need to hire you.

Although, I can’t necessarily leave dads hanging when some of them actually come home and help their spouses out. Or when they have no problem being an awesome dad while their wives have some “me time” as I like to call it. You know getting them nails did or whatever you do to pamper yourselves. I could not be the mother I have become without the help of my husband.