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    Co Sleeping

    Co sleeping is a either a big no or a non-issue to some.  For us it wasn’t a big deal.  All our children have slept with us until they were like 3 or 4. Then transferred to a toddler bed that was always next to our bed before they started sleeping in their own rooms. Now, I’m not going to tell you what you can and can not do. This is more about what worked for us. So, we all know the first month with a newborn you aren’t getting nearly enough sleep on top of trying to get your routine down. So co sleeping with a newborn can be…

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    Outdoor fun

    I’m so tired of these overcast skies. I can handle a couple of rainy gray days, but every day. I cannot. I live for the sun. I love the brightness of everything outside. It’s like medicine for the soul. Since January I think we get like a week of beautiful sunshine then BAM here come the ugly gray skies. I’m one of those people who needs the sun and prefers the sunshine over being inside loving the rain. Sometimes it’s nice but not alllllllllll the time. Come on God give us the sun please!!! If we aren’t outside then that just means extra messy in our house. Anyhow, excuse my…

  • love through it all


      As a mom you kinda forget what a clean house looks like. What does a quiet home sound like? Does your mind ever just slow down from all that you haven’t done and still need to get done? Having a moment of weakness when you haven’t had a moment of solitude to get your bearings? Makes you wanna scream your heart out to release the frustrations from the day, week, maybe months? Who knows maybe I will. I just need to get rid of the clutter. In my mind, my life, my house. All 3?   I will miss the mess. I will miss the loudness. I will miss…

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    Best Toy Ever

      Momma’s get your kids a trampoline. I mean if you want something that’s going to bounce the energy right on out of your child. Invest in one. Life saver for sure, or maybe I should say sanity saving haha. Honestly though, you can do so much on a trampoline. Their favorite thing has to be this water sprinkler I found on a fluke scrolling through amazon. I had already so many variations of sprinklers, but the net wouldn’t let as much water get through like the one I found.  It’s a water sprinkler that you attach to the top of the net and just tie it around the top.…

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    Middle Child

    Any of you a middle child? My husband is so his perspective on how to raise my middle is always so helpful. I don’t know about ya’ll but I always have some kind of guilt trip with any of my kids. I’m either not showing or giving enough love, I’m not playing enough with them, I’m not teaching well enough while home schooling my daughter. It’s always something. Right now, I’m more talking about my Baby J. He’s 4 now, but we’ve always called him by that nickname. Baby J is probably one of my most entertaining, charismatic, and very independent child.  He came a week early before my scheduled operation.…

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    Patience, God bless you if you have an abundance of it. Share some. So I’ve learned to listen to my children. They are each so different and have their own way of listening, understanding, voicing, and loving. You really have to pace yourself and listen to their needs. Realizing that has helped me to parent each of my kiddos in a much more healthier way. Now I’m not saying you can’t yell because sometimes you gott full coach on them to make them “hear” you.  My husband and I have decided to take the approach of listening first then react accordingly. I think it’s important that we acknowledge that our…

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    So I’m a momma to 5. Crazy? No, I love being a mom. My youngest is actually 2 and I think I’ve become way more laxed compared to my first 2. Also I should put out there that there are 4 boys and 1 girl. I know, God bless her little soul. Moms definitely don’t get enough credit. Like we literally hold it all down. We gotta cook, clean, do the dadgum laundry, some of you are also juggling a fulltime job outside of momming, be everything in one. Shoot when companies ask for skills or what your prior employment was, putting “mom” down should be all the confirmation they…

  • All you need is love.

    John Lennon

    Postpartum depression sucks

    Postpartum depression. It is a very real disorder, and I don’t believe it’s spoken about nearly enough. There’s information out there if you look for it but I do not believe I hear enough about it on social media, tv, or even at the hospital after you deliver. Like it’s a taboo subject. Those of us who suffer or have suffered with it should not be ashamed about it. We should be open and honest about postpartum depression disorder. For myself I was one month away from turning 21 when I gave birth to my eldest son. It was an emergency cesarean since he was stuck, and his heart rate…