Patience, God bless you if you have an abundance of it. Share some.

So I’ve learned to listen to my children. They are each so different and have their own way of listening, understanding, voicing, and loving. You really have to pace yourself and listen to their needs. Realizing that has helped me to parent each of my kiddos in a much more healthier way. Now I’m not saying you can’t yell because sometimes you gott full coach on them to make them “hear” you. 

My husband and I have decided to take the approach of listening first then react accordingly. I think it’s important that we acknowledge that our children are small and don’t necessarily know how to process their feelings and then understand that that’s ok. Heck we are grown ourselves and sometimes struggle with our own emotions.

Do you ever notice when your child is mid freak out and nothing you try seems to work? Especially when you yourself are full of frustration and irritation from already dealing with the days work you’ve had to do whether it be from house chores, kids or both and/or working outside of the home. So, there you are all frustrated and ready to blow. Don’t. Just stop and breathe. I have some 

Some things that work for us; either hugging them while speaking softly to them, removing them from the situation whether you’re out in public or in your home. If in public try going to your car or finding a more secluded area. I find holding them and letting them that know when they are ready to calm down then we can go back to whatever it is we were doing usually works. If at home take them outside to run off steam, to their room, or yours and let them cool off on their own or lay them down for nap.

Not all children are the same and I understand that especially when some have disabilities and that can make parenting a little more different. These are just some minor tips I myself have learned over the years with my little ones. 

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Tiffany

    These are such great insights! I’ve not been the most patient person my entire life and it makes me nervous for when a I have my little tots running around. I’ll save these to use so I can raise my kids to understand and communicate their feelings.

    1. Dom

      Can’t wait to hear back in the future from you! So thankful for you taking your time to read and I just know you’ll be a patient momma.

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